Minutes – October 29, 2013


October 29, 2013



Amy Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Connie Smith (Family Connection)

Denise Forbes (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Dina P. McDonald (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Dr. Thomas Rumble (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Summer Faulk (Laurens County Board of Education)

Tina Clements (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Gloria Bowen (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Jakimva Martin (Laurens County Board of Education)

Brenda Yawn (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Rhonda Cumpsty (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Kelly Canady (Dublin City Schools)

Robert Steven Nobles II (Community Participant)

Alfred Wayne Mason (Community Participant)

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Dublin-Laurens (SPC-DL) met today with 16 present.  Tina Clements assumed the role of Chairperson, Ellise Tapley, Co-Chair, and Gloria Bowen, Secretary. Tina called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Minutes for 09/24/13 – Motions made to approve and carried.

Ellise passed around the distribution list with addresses and contact information for review.


Survivors Of Suicide Subcommittee

Tina reported that she will meet with Clara Boyer and Brenda Yawn to discuss going forward with the Survivor’s Support Group. The Survivors of Suicide Bereavement Group flyer needs to be revised.

Marnie and her group are working on Youth Friendly Survivors of Suicide packets; their tentative goal is the end of October for completion and distribution.

Public Relations Subcommittee

Rhonda reported that the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Dublin Laurens Facebook page is up and going.  She encouraged each Coalition member to share this page with Facebook friends and it will have a wider audience.  The two community participants learned about today’s meeting on the Facebook page.

Rhonda will put the billboard entries and the current minutes of our meetings on the website. A sub-committee was formed to discuss how to get information out to the public, via Facebook, website, newspaper, etc.  Ellise Tapley, Dina McDonald and Rhonda will meet. Rhonda asked if Payton Towns from the Dublin Courier Herald come join them.  She will follow up with him.

Dina McDonald will write an article for the Laurens County Life magazine.  The topic will be awareness of suicide and suggestions were made to write about the Youth Advisory Council, Quilt Project, Survivor of Suicide Bereavement group, or anything that the Coalition has been involved with in the community. Dina is working on this project.

Gloria resubmitted the SPC-DL fillers to Courier Herald on 10/29/13.


HYPERLINK “http://www.stope”


Email:  mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System (website)

Oasis (Google) Georgia Public Health    death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line    1-800-715-4225

HYPERLINK “http://www.mygcal.com”

Suicide Prevention Life Line        1-800-273-TALK (8255)


Marlena Dixon continues to research for new materials. Tina also asked Committee to send any resource contact information to Marlena (Marlena Dixon@csbmg.com).


In 2014, Tina and Denise will attend Chamber of Commerce meeting to present information regarding suicide to the Human Resource Committee.  Tina has packets of information regarding suicide in the work place that she will present to each attendee.  She obtained the information from SPRC-Weekly Spark Newsletter that had a link to www.workingminds.org.

Youth/Children (Sources of Strength)

Marnie gave a Sources of Strength overview.  She also reported that staff met with Treutlen High School last week and gave applications to potential peer leaders.  Marnie and her staff will be doing training at Treutlen High School in November. She reported that two students from different schools have asked/volunteered to be involved in the Sources of Strength.

Kelly Canady gave a report on the project that Dublin High School is doing for Sources of Strength.  The students made a “Trusted Adult Tree”.  The 8 peer leaders stamped out hundreds of leaves and gave to homeroom teachers.  The students were encouraged to put names of adults who they can call on in a crisis situation.  The tree continues to “grow” as more and more students choose to participate.  After Kelly takes down the tree, he plans to compare the number of teachers to the other names in order to let the teachers see how important they are in the life of students. The Peer Leaders also made table tents for the lunchroom tables with the Sources of Strengths information.

Summer reported they are working a Trusted Adult project at East Laurens High School with a Falcon and Anchor placed in the school.

Marnie reported that we have approximately 30 peer leaders in the Sources of Strength and this number increases monthly.

Committee agreed to give out Certificates of Appreciation to Youth Advisory Council and Sources of Strength Peer Leaders at Honors’ Night at the local schools.

Youth Advisory Council

Three new Youth Advisory Council members are Amari Brown and Jenna Helton; both are 10th graders from West Laurens High School and Asia Duffie 11th grader from East Laurens High School.  A meeting has been scheduled for the 2013-2014 Youth Advisory Council for Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. CSB of Middle Georgia, Building #5. An email will be sent to the school counselors asking them to make arrangements for the students to attend.

QPR Training

We have a total of 12 certified QPRs. Kelly Canady has QPR training schedule in 2014 at Dublin High School.

Tina Clements reported that we have received 500 QPR books.


Ellise reported that Sally vander Straeten stated that we have been approved to receive funds from Suicide Safer Community. Target date for distributing the application is November 15.  The funds will continue to be dispersed as previously by submitting invoices for various events, meetings, and trainings.

Dina submitted the Georgia Power Grant on 10/7/13.  She requested funds to help with the 2014 Youth Rally.


Dina reported on the 2013 “Breaking the Stigma” T-Shirt design contest through Georgia Suicide Prevention Information Network (GSPIN).  Dina submitted a drawing to the T-Shirt contest through GSPIN.  The submission deadline was October 1. She has received no acknowledgment from GSPIN website on the judging or winners of the contest.  Gloria will follow up with Sheri McGuinness.

Fundraising options were discussed:

  • Quilt Raffle – Connie McDaniel reported that the      Laurens Happy Quilters are making a quilt for Suicide Prevention Coalition.      They plan to enter it in a competition in January. After the competition,      they are donating the quilt to Suicide Prevention Coalition for a raffle      fund raiser. The theme and name of the quilt is “Celebrate Life”. Linda      Bailey is in charge of getting the raffle together.
  • Bunco Tournament – The only Bunco team in Laurens      County is a group of ladies that gather for fun and fellowship.  They could not do a fund raiser.
  • Healing Heart Cookbook – Dina asked if anyone had      any recipes for the cookbook especially, International foods, to submit to      her at the next coalition meeting.




Ellise distributed Goal #3 QPR Training so that Coalition members could schedule training.

Objective: Schedule 8 Trainings each Fiscal Year as required by contract.  The following are potential trainings:

  • Marquita Timmons – Youth Advisory Council
  • Kelly Canady – Dublin High School – FY 14  School Year
  • Sherrie Malone/Connie McDaniel – Contact Hugh Kight  (teachers)
  • Jordan Stream Baptist Church
  • Wilkinson County – Connie Smith
  • Human Resource Managers – Chamber of Commerce – Kelly (Ellise will      schedule)
  • Public Health Nurses/Employees – Connie Smith
  • Hospital Staff – Tina (Rob Ward, Nurse Educator – contact )
  • MH/SA  Nurses – Tina

Objective:  Conduct Training with 80% of the School Teachers within the 5 targeted schools participating in Sources of Strength FY14 – Sources of Strength Team, Marnie Braswell, Coordinator.

  • Marnie met with school principals.       Summer is working on getting dates for training.

Objective:  Add at least 4 additional QPR Trainers – COMPLETED

  • Identify individuals to attend Train-the-Trainer      Sessions  –  Sources of Strength Team, Marnie      Braswell, Coordinator

Strategic Goal# 3 Youth Community Events 2014 & Goal #4 Youth Competition Event -2014

At the Youth Advisory Council meeting on Nov 13, 2013, we would like to discuss Youth Community Events and Youth competition Events for 2014 and explore the photo contest with members.

Strategic Goals #6 – Coalition Proclamation

Denise suggested that we have the proclamation signed in May, 2014 during Mental Health month.


  • GSPIN Communities (Georgia Suicide Prevention Information Network) – Sheri McGuinness is overseeing this site.  She would like to have this as a community space to chat with other Coalitions.  Website will have newsletters, facebook page, and other coalition information. The new is http://www.gspin.org/Communities. Gloria will send SPC-DL information to Sheri
  • Festival of Trees at Oconee Fall Line Technical College – Marnie will participate with the students from 3 schools who are active with Sources of Strength.
  • Amy Williams was the winner of the door prize today.
  • Robert Nobles expressed a desire to work with the youth group.


The next meeting is scheduled for the Youth Advisory Council on 11/13/13 at 11:30 a.m. at CMHC, Building #5.  Those who are interested in planning with them are welcome to attend. The meeting for November 26 has been cancelled.