Minutes February 26, 2013

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-Laurens County

February 26, 2013


Planning Meeting for the April Youth Conference Event



Tina Clements (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Amy Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Lisa Montford (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Summer Faulk (Laurens County Board of Education)

Destiny Allen, (Director -Site Services, Communities In Schools – Laurens County, Inc.)

Marquita Timmons (Laurens County Board of Education)

Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Gloria Bowen (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Jakimva Martin (Laurens County Board of Education)

Brenda Yawn (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Linda Bailey (CSB of Middle Georgia)

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Dublin/Laurens County Sub-committee met today with 12 present.  The objective of today’s meeting was to discuss and plan the April Youth Conference Event. The tentative date is April 18, 2013; will confirm at next meeting on March 7, 2013.  Destiny will contact OFTC to ask for the Dubose Porter Building for that day and obtain cost, if any.

Funding Resources

Destiny Allen reported that this year the Communities in School program is not being awarded the grant that was used for last year’s Living Loud Conference. Last year’s event cost approximately $7,000 – $10,000. Financial resources were discussed.  Marnie Braswell reported that she could not use the funds she used last year either.  Destiny reported since they did not get the grant, there is no required number of students to attend.  Depending on the funding acquired, we may need to cut back on attendance, therefore decreasing expenses on lunch and t-shirt, etc.

  • Marnie will check with Michele Zelaya regarding Sources of Strength funding. She also stated she would suggest that Sources of Strength sponsor the program.  This could be an unveiling for the Sources of Strength programs in the school systems.
  • Ellise Tapley will ask Denise Forbes about CSBMG and Suicide Prevention Coalition funds for the event.
  • Destiny reported that Communities in School has $1,000 to use.
  • Destiny will check with Amerigroup, Tommy Hutchinson and possibly Wellcare and Family Connection for sponsorship.
  • The deadline to report on funds is on March 7th at the next meeting. Figures need to be emailed to Ellise.

Tentative Program Plans

The scope of the program will consist of:

  • Announcement of Billboard Winners
  • Provide Lunch
  • Provide T-Shirts (Gloria will research expense)
  • Motivation Speakers (Marnie will talk to Sources of Strength about speakers)
  • Door Prizes (Tina and Gloria to work on)
  • Destiny has invited speakers from SAT and other testing agencies.

Ellise will email last year’s agenda to Marquita and Destiny for reference in planning for this year’s event.

Kelly Canady from the Dublin City Schools was not present today.  Marquita Timmons asked Ellise Tapley to follow up with Kelly and relay information to him regarding today’s meeting and the youth conference.

Billboard Competition

We will have only 3 schools to participate – West Laurens, East Laurens, and Dublin.  Kelly Canady reported to Ellise that he has 2 entries for the competition.  Marquita and Summer will talk with the Youth Council at their respective schools to see if they can generate support for this project.

Gloria will research information on the billboards.  She will present cost and size of billboard to committee on March 7th.  The deadline for billboard designs has been extended to March 18.  We will need judges for this.  Ellise will send Gloria the names of those who judged the videos for us last year.  Gloria will follow up.  Dates for the judging has been set for March 26, 2013, which is the same date as the next Coalition Meeting.

St. Patrick Festival

Sub-committee decided to table the parade until 2014 due to the planning of and participation in the Youth Conference event.  We will not have a booth at the Arts & Crafts festival this year.

Survivor of Suicide (SOS) Meeting

Brenda and/or Tina have been at the meeting site on each scheduled date to provide leadership to the group, but no one has been attending.  It was suggested that we discontinue the group, stop all announcements, and try again at a later time when there is more interest from the community.

Quilt Project

Gloria reported that she has had no responses from the letters she mailed to victims of suicide.  The committee made comments that people in the community may not be ready to proceed with such a huge step at this time.  It was suggested that we contact someone from the local Quilting Club to see if they would be interested in making a quilt for us using positive messages instead of pictures/quotes of those who have died by suicide.  We could display this at the St. Patrick’s Festival in 2014 and may be able to spark interest in a memory quilt at that time.

Sub-committee will meet again on March 7, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in Building #5 at Community Mental Health Center.  Ellise will send out notices.  All committee members need to be prepared to discuss any follow up issues regarding the Youth Conference.