Minutes – June 26, 2012

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-Laurens County

June 26, 2012


Denise Forbes, MS LPC (Executive Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)
Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Lisa Montford (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Pilar Archila (Interpreter, Judicial System of the State of Georgia)
Sonya Rice (Macon Behavioral Health) – Visitor
Sheri McGuinness (SPAN-GA Suicide Prevention Action Network of Georgia)
Brenda Yawn (Volunteer)

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Dublin/Laurens County met today with 7 present for a working/planning meeting.  Denise Forbes opened the meeting with words of welcome and explained that the purpose of todays meeting was to review the Coalition’s Strategic Goals for FY13 and to review accomplishments of the Strategic Goals put in place for FY12.  Another function of the meeting today was to begin plans for Dublin-Laurens to host a State-wide Coalition Conference in September 2012.

Denise gave a brief overview from the minutes of the May 2012 meeting.   Sheri McGuinness was also provided with a copy of the Coalition’s Activity Planning Guide.

Sub-Committee Reports


Meeting Date:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 – 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Second Floor Conference Room

V.A. Hospital  – Dublin, Georgia

Meeting Schedule: Fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month – V.A. Hospital – Dublin.

Brenda reported that attendance continues to be low to none, but the volunteers for this continue to be dedicated to the task.

Brenda Yawn requested to transfer the responsibility of the Quilt Project to someone who might be better suited for this task than she feels she has been.  After talking with Kris Taylor today, Brenda was informed that both Kris Taylor and Scott Warren would take responsibility of this project.  They are very interested in doing so.  Scott’s “survivor square” for the local quilt has been completed, per Sheri.  The quilt squares for Kris Taylor and Clara Boyer are still pending.  Sheri suggested that we explore the option of reaching out to the individuals who provided the family names (32 names) for the Memory Launch in October 2011.  This would be a good target group for getting our quilt project moving forward.   Traditionally, the “survivor square” includes a photo, date of birth, “angel date”, and a brief comment by the loved one.   This is very personal and they should have as much input as they want to have.


Website: www.stopsuicidelaurens.org.    Email:  mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.


Suicide Prevention Community Youth Event (FY12):

Denise gave Sheri a brief overview of our accomplishments with the Living Loud Youth Conference on April 12, 2012, as well as the four videos we now have that were produced by the local students for the conference competition.   She also noted that we now have a law enforcement training video completed.

QPR Training

We continue to be on track with this.

Kelly Canady plans to conduct QPR training sessions at Dublin High School as soon as school resumes.

State-Wide Coalition Conference – Planning

The Dublin/Laurens Coalition is in the planning stages of hosting a state –wide coalition meeting.  Marnie Braswell suggested a name; “Joining Hands Across Georgia”.

Sheri McGuinness was present today to assist and will give input for the development of the agenda.  Sally vander Straeten will also assist as needed.  Denise would like to have as much input in the planning of the conference from Sally and Sheri as possible since this is more in line with their expertise.   The date is set for Friday, September 21, 2012.  The conference will be a one-day networking event from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.   Sally and Sheri both feel that preparation for approximately 75 -100 individuals will be appropriate.  Brenda Yawn secured a location immediately following the meeting at the First Baptist Family Life Center on Bellevue Avenue in Dublin.  Also a “save-the-date” notice was developed immediately following the meeting and this has been sent to both Sally and Sheri for review.  Sheri will send the announcement to the coalitions across the State of Georgia.

First priorities
Save the date – done
Location secured – FB Family Life Center
Secure speakers
Agenda  – start with list and fine-tune from that with input from Sally/Sheri
Noon Meal planning (charge for lunch)
Snacks and Drinks for Breaks
Discussion today
Purpose of conference – what is our goal for the one-day event  – opportunity to share resources, what works, what does not work, hear from those who have been awarded grants – their accomplishments, what is going on at the state-level and any upcoming trainings.

  • Some overnight lodging will be available and covered by the state office/Sheri’s organization
  • Sonya Rice volunteered to check on lodging locations with the convention and visitor’s bureau and will check on hotel costs for the best available rates
  • Sheri will determine the number that she can provide lodging for when we have more data

We will not hold break-out sessions so that everyone attending will be able to hear all of the information that is shared and be able to share in the question/answer sessions.   Panel discussion will be used to share information to the group that would provide interactive sharing.  Gay Etheridge was one name suggested for a panel.  A conference survey will be sent out prior to conference to ask:  What do you want to learn?,  What do you want to share?, and any other information they want to submit.

Subjects for consideration:

What does work

How to involve youth councils

Veterans -address this population and all other populations as possible

Four (4) Hispanic Coalitions – allow them to share

Sources of Strength / Clubhouse  – Gwinnett

Quilt Projects

SOS Groups

Share curriculum – SOS children and teens – this will be a different approach from adults – Sheri pilot programs to start – this will be challenging


Funding options  – how to do with little to no funds


Community Educator Program

Resource “Goodie Bags” (various participants to contribute)


Other  reports/information/events:


FY 13 Strategic Planning Meetings was conducted this date. 

The coalition will need two new Youth Advisory Council members next year, due to the graduation of two seniors.

We (Dublin & Dodge County) will most likely be awarded the Garrett-Lee Smith Grant.  This was great news!!!  We look forward to hearing more from this in the near future.  Adam Lesser will contact Lisa Montford to discuss the grant and to continue coordination of this effort as it progresses.

Today Sheri shared open discussion with the group about several areas:

  • Our job as coalition is to “get awareness out” in community and to broadly “throw the net”
  • Small town stigma many suffering in silence because of this
  • School PTA groups – is a good avenue for speakers
  • Share survivor services – isolation issues and after-care
  • What is needed in the communities verses what is wanted in the community
  • Kris Taylor is a good advocate for speaking, but challenges remain with regard to being invited vs offering our services
  • Churches are hard because of theology,  but there are other groups/agencies available
  • Strive to engage others in the community to get involved in the Coalition’s work

Denise noted that our school counselors have been wonderful and referrals to CSB services have increased with C&A services from the school system as a result of their active involvement with the Coalition.  This is one area where awareness has made an impact in our community.

We will explore our options for doing a program with TV 35 to expose and highlight the quilt project.  Pilar now works with TV 35 and has offered to do some spotlights and segments for Coalition.  Her show time is 90 minutes.

Sheri also reported on Annual MH Check-up.  This is a “new move” to promote help.

Tina Clements and Linda Bailey viewed the webinar for the CSSRS – Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Screening (Columbia Medical School).   The state plans to implement this during the next contract year for Georgia to roll this out in the public domain (with contracted hospitals, crisis units, G-CAL, and mobile crisis units).   Upcoming trainings will be scheduled and attended as needed.

Sheri serves as vice-president on the SPC of Georgia steering committee and they make recommendations to the State based on information gathered.

The Coalition’s Strategic Goals were reviewed today.  Ellise will update this document and redistribute this information.

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System  (website)

Oasis (google this) Georgia Public Health    death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line    1-800-715-4225  www.mygcal.com

Suicide Prevention Life Line        1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,  July 24,  2012 at 11:30 a.m. at the Community Mental Health Center, Building  5, 2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin, GA