Minutes – March 27, 2012

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-Laurens County

March 27, 2012


Denise Forbes, MS LPC (Executive Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)
Dr. Thomas Rumble (Medical Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)
Tina Clements (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Lisa Montford (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Linda Bailey (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Kris Taylor (Volunteer)
Gloria Bowen (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Marsha Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Connie McDaniel (Laurens County Board of Education)
Clara Boyer (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Clint Thomas (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Faye Mullis (Bleckley County/Volunteer)
Summer Faulk (Laurens County Board of Education)
Connie Smith (Laurens Family Connection)
Destiny Allen, (Director -Site Services, Communities In Schools – Laurens County, Inc.)
Margaret Turner (Director, Heart of Georgia Healthy Start Coalition)
Jill Bracewell (Dublin City Schools)
Jakimva Martin (Laurens County Board of Education)
Willie Paulk (Dublin-Laurens Chamber of Commerce)
Brenda Yawn (Volunteer)
Rick Tyson (Volunteer – CSB of Middle Georgia)
Luke Daniel (Department of Juvenile Justice)
Pilar Archila (Interpreter, Judicial System of the State of Georgia)
Sarah Simmons (Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Michelle Zelaya (Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Sally vander Straeten (DBHDD Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Derrick Chatman (Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Joe Windish (Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Joseph Cornelison (Visitor – Youth Video Judge)
Michelle Baggett (Visitor)

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Dublin/Laurens County met today with 32 present.  Denise Forbes opened the meeting with words of welcome.

The minutes of the January 24, 2012 meeting have been distributed and were approved by those in attendance.

Sub-Committee Reports


Meeting Date:

Tuesday, April 24, 2011 – 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Second Floor Conference Room

V.A. Hospital  – Dublin, Georgia

Meeting Schedule: Fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month – V.A. Hospital – Dublin.

Kris Taylor reported on the community-speaking event she conducted with the Deacons at the First Baptist Church in Dublin on February 12, 2012.   Kris provided them with educational handouts and reported that the group was very receptive and asked a number of questions.   Kris plans to continue working towards making contacts with local civic groups and churches for speaking opportunities.

“Community Educators” is still pending with Sherri McGuinness.

A Suicide-Prevention booth was set up at the St. Patrick’s Arts and Crafts Festival Event on Saturday, April 17, 2012.  This went well and was well received.  Several stopped to talk with Kris and Scott, and there were many who stopped to view the quilts, in silence.   Kris and Scot were very encouraged by the responses and felt this provided a source of exposure and awareness in the community.  Thanks to those who volunteered their time and service for this day. 

Kris Taylor and Scott Warren will be going to CAMP SOS (Helping Families Move Forward in Their Grief) as volunteers.  Volunteers from other coalitions will also be present.  The camp is scheduled for March 30 – April 1, 2012 at Ft. Yargo State Park in Winder, GA and is a partnership of Camp Twin Lakes and SPAN-GA.    From the brochure:  Every suicide leaves an average of six survivors.  There are few resources to help the children, teens, and families cope.  CAMP SOS will offer access to a “neutral, safe space” to have fun together in a place where it is okay to express grief; support from trained facilitators and volunteers; and an opportunity to explore grief and find new ways to interact and cope as a family.”   campsos@span-ga.org


Website: www.stopsuicidelaurens.org.    Email:  mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.


Suicide Prevention Community Youth Event (FY12):

Jakimva Martin reported for the Planning/Subcommittee to give an update on the conference scheduled for April 12, 2012 from 8:30 – 2:30  (9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) at the Dubose Porter Center in Dublin.  Conference plans include CIS, college resources & college access, and a tour of the OFL Technical College.  Summer Faulk is in the process of finalizing the design and the cost of the T-shirts.  Plenty of chaperones were encouraged to attend.  Subjects of discussion for the event are cyber bullying, texting, HIV, and Sources of Strength.  The motivational speaker will be Keith Brown, from Atlanta.  CIS has secured a grant of $7,000 (State Office- CIS), the SPC has pledged approximately $2500.00 and donations have also been solicited.  Chick-fil-A will provide the lunch boxes at a cost of $6.00 per meal. The conference has been announced and over 300 registrations have already been submitted from the three schools that are participating.   The conference will target 10th and 11th grade students.  A number of door prizes will be awarded during the conference.

Destiny Allen noted that the conference will have a positive focus and spot light two major areas: one, there is life after a high-school diploma and two, healthy living and prevention issues will be addressed.  Presently, 11 colleges have confirmed and about eight are pending.  A parent session will also be conducted and several parents have registered to attend.   Destiny gave a brief outline of the agenda for the conference. The deadline for registration has passed, but Destiny is thinking of extending the deadline for one more week and then closing it out in order to finalize the t-shirt order.

The work group/subcommittee has met several times and will meet again on April 9, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. at CSBMG to finalize any items for the event.

Summer Faulk distributed a handout to show the designs that are being considered for the T-shirts.  She is working with Knight’s Designs for purchasing these.  The t-shirts will be distributed at the individual schools the day of conference for the students to wear.

Four videos were submitted for the Video Competition (three schools plus CIS – 4 total) to Ellise Tapley as of the deadline on March 23, 2012. A panel of judges was present today to judge the winners.  The winners will receive:  1st place – $500.00; 2nd place $300; 3rd place $200; and 4th place – $100.   The main authors and producers of the first place video will also be awarded a “fine dining experience”, tentatively planned to be held at the Page House.  Those present to judge the videos today were:  Sarah Simmons, Michelle Zelaya, Sally vander Straeten, Derrick Chatman, Joe Windish, and Joseph Cornelison.  At the close of today’s meeting, the judges submitted the sealed envelopes that will be revealed at the conference on April 12, 2012.

The news media is very willing to promote and provide coverage (Fox News, TV35, & Courier Herald).  For coverage of the event, the following will be contacted: TV 41, WMAZ –13, TV 35 – James Deal, PBS, and the Courier Herald-Payton Towns.

Update on Training Opportunities – QPR

Marquita Timmons, Connie Smith, Sherrie Malone, Officer Brian Tapley (DPD) and Tina Clements have finalized the taping of the law enforcement training video as of Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. at the local TV 35 station.  Gloria Bowen continues to communicate with Mr. James Deal.  Due to the St. Patrick’s events in Dublin, there has been a delay in finalizing the DVD.  He hopes to have this done in the near future.  Gloria will continue to make contact with Mr. Deal for needed follow-up.

QPR Training

Pending for Laurens County school counselors and teachers.

On February 2, 2012 Kelly Canady conducted 3 sessions at Dublin Middle Schools, and conducted one more session on February 7, 2012 at the Middle School.  He had a total of 37 participants for the QPR training sessions.

On January 25, 2012, Tina Clements conducted a QPR Training Session at the Consumer Affairs Meeting with a total of 39 participants.  We will need two more session to meet our contract expectations for this year.  Tina will schedule these with Psychosocial Rehabilitation and with Peer Supports.

Additional Training books were ordered (100) and they have been received.  If anyone needs the training books, please contact Tina Clements or Gloria Bowen at CSB of Middle Georgia.

Other  reports/information/events:

Strategic Planning Meetings were held December 5th and December 9th.   Copies of the drafted plan were distributed to coalition members for review and further recommendations on January 24, 2012.  Goal planning was been suspended until after the Living Loud Youth Conference is held on April 12, 2012.  Our goals have not yet been prioritized or fully developed.

Denise and several present commented on the current community and school involvement in the coalition activities.  The partnership with CIS (Communities in Schools) has created positive opportunities in moving forward with awareness and prevention measures in the community.

The Coalition members were in agreement to continue meeting every other month with the entire coalition and alternate monthly meetings being conducted with smaller work groups and subcommittees.  The months of February and March have been very busy with planning for the youth event.  The work group/subcommittee will meet again on April 9, 2012 at 1:30 to finalize the plans for the youth event.   The April 17, 2012 meeting will be a debriefing meeting for the youth event.   Any members of the coalition are welcome to attend, and a notice will be sent out.  The full-coalition will meet again on May 22, 2012.

Connie Smith, with Family Connections, informed the coalition that they will have their “Summer Blast Off” on Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Dublin Mall.  Agencies were invited to set up booths.  Registration forms will be coming out next week for this event.   The focus will be resources available during the summer months for children and families (camps, events, etc.).

Meeting with Sally vander Straeten:

Professional level staff from the CSB of Middle Georgia and a few members of the coalition met with Sally vander Straeten following the Coalition Meeting today to discuss a proposal from the state to implement a

Suicide Risk Assessment into policy within next year.  This would allow for a uniform tool across the State.  The next contract year would be the most appropriate time to implement.

Sally gave three points:

1- CDC has implemented “common definitions” to identify self-directed injury.  A book has been published that addresses ways of not talking about suicide (completed suicide lingo is out!).  Practicing and rehearsing are new words on the screening tool.  Clinical interpretations would no longer be required with this tool.

2- She shared documentation about the CSSRS – Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Screening (Columbia Medical School).  This is a screening tool that is easy to use and will screen in more individuals who need intervention and screen out those who do not.  The tool is not an assessment tool and can be used in many settings – law enforcement, emergency rooms, etc.

3- Developing safety plans of our own.

Columbia Medical School is working with Georgia to roll this out in the public domain at no cost and training is also at no cost.  The State clinical team has approved a roll out plan with contracted hospitals, crisis units, G-CAL, and mobile crisis units.  If organizations adopt this, they are thinking about rolling this out to all services.

Individuals using the tool will need to understand what the scores mean.  Training options are as follows (*certification process for all training):

  • On-line  @cssrs.columbia.edu  –   45-minute training session
  • DVD training  –  can be sent to our agency
  • Webinar – Dr. Kelly Posner, Ph.D.


Dr. Kelly Posner, Ph. D.

Director, Center of Suicide Risk Assessment

Columbia University

New York Psychiatric Institute

1051 Riverside Drive

New York, NY 10032

Sally suggested training as many staff as possible.

Denise suggested that Sally send us the DVD and then we will decide about setting up the Webinar session with Dr. Posner.

Sally also reported on certification training in “psychological autopsy” to be held at 2 Peachtree (2-day training) on the dates of July 23-24, 2012.  There are 30 slots and DHR will sponsor 20 of the slots.  Sally can provide some slots for our agency. Denise stated that our agency would be interested in participating.

Tina asked Sally about the idea of Dublin/Laurens hosting a state –wide coalition meeting in Dublin.  Sally was receptive of this idea.  She will get us some information.

Sally also reminded us that we are still under consideration for the Garrett-Lee Smith Grant opportunity for Dublin/Laurens & Dodge County.   Sally reported that the number of suicides are dramatically increased in the State of Georgia.   There were 36 incidents last year and so far this year we already have approximately 11 incidents as of March 2012.

Sally also encouraged us to coordinate training needs with The Link (Stewart Smith, Clinical Director).   They will come to our agency to provide training.

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System  (website)

Oasis (google this) Georgia Public Health    death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line    1-800-715-4225  www.mygcal.com

Suicide Prevention Life Line        1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday,  April 17,  2012 at 11:30 a.m. at the Community Mental Health Center, Building  5, 2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin, GA.

This will be a debriefing meeting for the Living Loud Youth Conference.

RSVP to:   etapley@csbmg.com