Minutes – May 24, 2011

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-Laurens County 
May 24, 2011

Dr. Patsy Thomas (Chief Executive Officer, CSB of Middle Georgia)
Denise Forbes, MS LPC (Deputy Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)
Judge Donald Gillis (Eighth District Judicial Circuit)
Linda L. Bailey (CMHC – DD Services, Senior Program Manager)
Tina Clements (CMHC – Adult MH/AD Services, Program Manager)
Willie Paulk (President, Dublin-Laurens Chamber of Commerce)
Donald Grigsby, Ph.D. (Veteran’s Administration, Dublin)
Sergeant Marcus Rogers  (Operations Officer, Dublin Police Dept.) 
Amy Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Dr. Rhonda Cumpsty (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Brenda Yawn (Volunteer Citizen)
Faye Mullis  (Bleckley County/Volunteer)  
Marquitta Timmons (Laurens County Board of Education)
Margaret Turner (Director/Coordinator, Heart of Georgia Healthy Start)
Connie Smith (Laurens Family Connection)
Jennifer Darley (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Rick Tyson (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Cali Hollis (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Clinton Thomas (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Marlena Dixon (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Marsha Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)
Gloria Bowen (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Guests:  Chelsea Nobles (Student West Laurens High School)
              Kathy Nobles (Parent) 
              Michelle Zelaya, CETPA
              Diana Rosado, CETPA  

The Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin/Laurens County met today with 27 present.  Denise Forbes opened the meeting with words of welcome.
The minutes of the April 26, 2011 meeting have been distributed and were accepted and approved with a minor correction noted by Brenda Yawn regarding the regularly scheduled date/time for the Survivors of Suicide Support Group.         

Contact information (spreadsheet of addresses, emails, etc.) was distributed for review/additions/corrections as needed.   

The sign-up sheet for sub-committee volunteers was distributed for updates.   

Sub-Committee Reports 

Fundraising Subcommittee

Clint Thomas gave an update on the plans for the Golf Tournament (Four-Person Scramble) scheduled for Saturday, August 20, 2011 at Riverview Golf Course in Dublin from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.    Clint reported that the subcommittee has done an excellent job in moving forward with the task of preparing for the golf tournament.   The committee has drafted copies of the pre-registration form, a brochure, and a sponsorship letter.  The target date for getting the written materials out is June 2011.  The pre-registration form will be sent out six (6) weeks in advance of the tournament.  $200.00 will sponsor a four-man team and will include lunch for the team.  The goal is to have at least 20 teams.  The sponsorship letter is for gold, silver, and bronze sponsors.  The brochures will be distributed to advertise the tournament.  Clint has already contacted Sue Colter.  She will do a TV spot for the tournament and someone can also sit in to discuss the coalition.  There will also be advertisement in the local Courier-Herald. Volunteers will be needed to help with the operations of the tournament.  Door-prizes will also be collected for the event.       

Survivors of Suicide Subcommittee

Kris Taylor, Chairperson, was not present.   Brenda Yawn reported that the first support group meeting would be held tonight: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm in the Second Floor Conference Room at the V.A. Hospital in Dublin.  The regular schedule for the group meeting is set for the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month at the V.A. Hospital in Dublin in the Second Floor Conference Room from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.           

Public Relations Subcommittee

Rhonda Cumpsty reported that she and Ellise Tapley met with Michael Bracewell (IT Department – CSBMG) on Friday, May 20th to look over the functions of the website: stopsuicidelaurens.net.    Email:  mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.  Another meeting will be scheduled to discuss further development of the website with Michael.

We continue to submit invoices for reimbursements from our $4000.00 grant.  Ellise will send Invoice #8 following the meeting today ($250.00).  

Youth Suicide Prevention Plan/ Garrett Lee Smith Funding:
Still pending application; Adam Lesser is working on for the Garrett Lee Smith Grant (for Laurens & Dodge County).        

QPR Training –   Question, Persuade,  Refer
QPR trainers:  
Marquita Timmons Laurens County Board of Education (QPR CERTIFIED)
Kelly Canady Dublin City Schools  (QPR CERTIFIED)
Connie McDaniel West Laurens Middle School  (QPR CERTIFIED)
Tina Clements CSB of Middle Georgia   (QPR CERTIFIED)
Connie Smith Family Connection  (QPR CERTIFIED)
Sherri Malone West Laurens High School (QPR CERTIFIED)

Tina reported that the local American Legion Post has requested QPR Training.   
Any agencies or organizations, etc. that are interested in QPR training are encouraged to contact one of the trainers to coordinate dates and times.  Tina stated that it has been good to have the opportunity to provide so much QPR training in the local community. 

Development of the training video for law enforcement continues.  Keith Golden informed Tina that the Sheriff’s Department receives a number of suicide calls, and he should be able to provide a scenario for role-play.  Marquitta will continue to coordinate this effort.     

Update on Training Opportunities

In further communication with Adam Lesser, he has suggested that it might be best for us to prepare to participate in “Sources of Strength” Train-the-Trainer Training during August 2012 instead of trying to participate in 2011.    

Dr. Grigsby reported that on Thursday, August 4, 2011 from 8 a.m. until Noon, there will be a training presentation at Macon State College.  This will include the counseling staff from 10 schools (college/universities).  The movie, “War Torn” (CNN movie) that deals with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) will also be viewed during this session.  There are currently four (4) open slots and Dr. Grigsby invited anyone interested to let him know if they would like to attend.  Denise noted that she and Tina Clements may want to attend.     

“13 Reasons Why” – The book continues to be shared with interested readers among the coalition and citizens in the community.    

Other  reports/information:

Amy Williams, CSB of Middle Georgia, introduced the guest speaker, Chelsea Nobles.  Chelsea is a West Laurens High School student whose family has experienced loss through suicide.  She talked about her desire to “not let this happen to her”, since she acknowledged that there was a history of suicide within her family.  She sought help for this and has a strong desire to let others know that there is help.  Chelsea shared a bit of her story and discussed the barriers and issues surrounding the topic of “suicide” in getting the message and the lack of exposure regarding help that is available.  She heard about the coalition and was very anxious and willing to attend the meeting today.  The coalition members were very attentive to Chelsea and very touched by her willingness to come before them today.  Several issues were addressed regarding the lack of funding and programming within school systems as well as the issue of “stigma”.   Through Chelsea’s impact, it was felt that the coalition should branch out and offer participation from the youth in the community, and even to explore the possibility of a “youth coalition”.   Marquitta Timmons reported that she recently received a call regarding interest in development of a support group at West Laurens High School.  Marquitta also informed Chelsea that counselors are present in the school, but due to privacy issues, it may not be well known.  It was suggested that posters in the schools would be a good means of letting others know where to go for help.  Marquitta along with so many others “thanked” Chelsea for her courage in speaking out.   After much discussion, it was felt that the coalition might have a better chance of getting “Sources of Strength” programming in the schools as opposed to suicide prevention programming due to the apprehensiveness of academic officials, parents, and stigma.   

Diana Rosada spoke to the group.  She is involved with the Gwinnett County Suicide Prevention Coalition.  She attended today to see how our coalition was going and congratulated the group on good attendance and participation.   The Gwinnet County Coalition was a recipient of the Garrett Lee Smith Grant and Sources of Strength training.  They were able to start the programming in the schools, but faced many challenges in doing so. 

Michelle Zelaya also spoke to the group and stated how powerful it was to see an adolescent talking in support and encouragement of others in being able to seek and find help within the community.  She encouraged the coalition to seek ways to help Chelsea and our school systems in this effort.  She also encouraged the coalition to make awareness available to the Hispanic community.  There was discussion following this to invite someone of Hispanic culture to be a part of the coalition.   Tina was able to provide Michelle with the name of a Hispanic mail that Michelle will make contact with regarding the efforts of CETPA and getting involved with.  Willie Paulk and Judge Gillis provided the name of a Hispanic individual to contact regarding membership on the coalition.   Margaret Turner, Healthy Start Coordinator, reported that they have a Hispanic group within their organization that addresses the cultural needs to the Hispanic population as well.   
“Living After Loss”  – Clint Thomas distributed this flyer detailing information about a support group for Grief Recovery and Bereavement that begins Thursday, May 26, 2011 at Fairview Park Hospital Cafeteria.  The group will be held on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. and is facilitated by Chaplains – Cole Morris and Scott Watkins.  This group will provide education and support for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. 

Peyton Tuthill College Scholarships — http://www.peytontuthill.org to download application for “Hearts of Hope” – 2011 Scholarships.    Peyton Tuthill Foundation, P. O. Box 3144 Tallahassee, Florida 32303,  850-585-6041. 

“Rats & Bullies” Documentary Film (Cassidy R. McMillan, Director/Producer) $45.00 (includes shipping and handling).   

Various resource materials are always made available during the coalition meetings. 

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System  (website)

Oasis (google this) Georgia Public Health    death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line    1-800-715-4225  www.mygcal.com

Suicide Prevention Life Line        1-800-273-TALK (8255)
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. at the Community Mental Health Center, Building 5, 2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin, GA. 

Lunch provided.

RSVP to:   etapley@csbmg.com