Minutes – October 25, 2011

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-Laurens County

October 25, 2011

Denise Forbes, MS LPC (Deputy Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)

Tina Clements (CMHC – Adult MH/AD Services, Program Manager)

Amy Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Margaret Turner (Director/Coordinator, Heart of Georgia Healthy Start)

Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Marsha Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Faye Mullis (Bleckley County/Volunteer)

Gloria Bowen (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Brenda Yawn (Volunteer)

Connie Smith (Laurens Family Connection)

Lisa Montford (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Prior to this follow-up business meeting, The Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin/Laurens County held a Community Awareness event. Approximately 122 individuals attended the event. For further details regarding this Event (Butterfly Release and Memory Launch) see documents pertaining to this. All documents and information have been distributed to the members of the coalition in addition to newspaper articles that were published and TV 35 interviews that were aired. Donations for today’s event totaled $100.00. Thirty-one (31) memory names were submitted and read for the butterfly release and memory launch.

Suggestions for the next awareness/memorial event were discussed with regard to areas of change or improvement. No last names were announced during the memorials. A suggestion to let the family members release individual butterflies for the next memory event was noted. Kris Taylor suggested that it would be beneficial to have someone introduce the speaker on the agenda so that those attending will know who they are and what organization or agency they represent.

Georgann Hardin from NAMI was present for today’s event and extended her services to the coalition. She will be added to the coalition’s contact list and notified of all future meetings and events.

Denise Forbes opened the meeting with words of thanks and appreciation to everyone for their participation and support of the community awareness event.

The minutes of the September 27, 2011 meeting have been distributed and were approved by those attending the follow-up meeting.


Sub-Committee Reports


The next regular meeting will be held this evening, Tuesday, October 25, 2011 from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm in the Second Floor Conference Room at the V.A. Hospital in Dublin. It is hoped that today’s event has made this group more known in our community. Kris Taylor continues to offer her services as a guest speaker in local churches to “getting the word” out about the SOS meetings as well. Kris was the keynote speaker for the community awareness event today. Sheri Mcguinness spoke with Kris today about a future speaking engagement. Kris’s keynote address was compelling and well received by those in attendance. Sheri will coordinate this with Kris.

Meeting Schedule: The fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month at the V.A. Hospital in Dublin in the Second Floor Conference Room from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.


Website: http://www.stopsuicidelaurens.org. Email: mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.

Rhonda was not present for the follow-up meeting today, but much has been done in this area to promote today’s event as well as on-going activities of the coalition. Rhonda will work on updates for the website following today’s event. Michael Braswell will post the photos and articles on the website. Margaret Turner stated that Cathy Morris would be willing to assist us with setting up a face book page. Margaret also reported that the Suicide Prevention website is now linked on the Healthy Start website.

Payton Towns of the Courier Herald published three articles prior to today’s event, will publish an article about the event with photos, and will also publish an article about the Memory Quilts. All of Payton’s articles and editorials shared information about the awareness event as well as the on-going efforts, goals and activities of the D/L Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Amy Williams was interviewed at TV 35 on Friday, October 21, 2011 on the Carol Porter Show. Kelly Canady and Connie Smith were interviewed at TV 35 on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 on the Sue Colter Show. Both shows were to promote the awareness event and the on-going efforts and activities of the D/L Suicide Prevention Coalition and the SOS Support Group.

Christy Blue, CSB employee, is a member of the Main Street Players. She recently volunteered to distribute some of the coalition’s materials at a community event. She distributed several of our brochures and a large number of wristbands during the event. It has been stated that we need to take advantage of community events that are already established and participate in these as a means of sharing our resources and activities with the community.

SPC wristbands were handed out at the DHS football game on Friday, October 21, 2011. Tina plans to order more wristbands for local football games and other community events that will be upcoming.


It is hoped that we will receive some photos for our local quilt so that we can begin work on this project. Sheri Mcguinness was gracious to come and display her quilts for today’s event. They were well received by those in attendance. She has also offered her support in getting the quilts constructed. She has sent information to us regarding this process. Brenda Yawn reported that as of today she has three names and one photo for our quilt project.


Marquita Timmons and Jakimva Martin have worked diligently over the past several weeks. Today, Marquita was able to introduce, to our community, six students that have been selected from the local schools to serve on the coalition’s Youth Advisory Council. They are as follows:

Leondra Davis – 12th grade ELHS

Amy Peel – 11th grade, ELHS

Naya Archie – 10th grade DHS

Troy Ashe – 10th grade DHS

Catherine Bowden – 11th grade WLHS

Haley Morgan – 12th grade WLHS.

Margaret Turner has assisted with contacting Trinity Christian School for two representatives. Identification of students from Trinity is pending at this time. The coalition is very pleased to have the students involved in the activities and look forward to their input and ideas for advancing the cause of the coalition among the youth of our community. Marquita stated that she would be follow-up with the Head Master at Trinity regarding this. Margaret also volunteered to do any follow-up that was needed on her part.

Members felt that a meeting should be set up as soon as possible for the Youth Advisory Council to begin meeting, planning, and getting input from the students. This meeting will be scheduled for after-school hours in order to prevent interference with school schedules and activities. Since this will be a late afternoon meeting it was suggested that pizza be served to the students.


Reimbursement for today’s meeting and the community event will be submitted for payment from the FY12 DBHDD grant funds. The grant was effective as of August 15, 2011.

Update on Training Opportunities – QPR

Marquita Timmons, Connie Smith, Sherrie Malone and Officer Brian Tapley continue to work towards the development of the law enforcement training video. Two dates have been set for November (November 1st at 1:00 p.m. and November 8th at 1:00 p.m.). Hopefully by the November meeting there will be more progress to report on this.

Jakimva Martin will be following-up with school counselors to coordinate QPR training dates.

Suicide Prevention Community Event (FY12): Reminder: Thursday, November 3, 2011 (9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), Dr. Grigsby will conduct a continuation of training (Recovery Resources) for university/college counseling center staff with a focus on veterans. The CSB of Middle Georgia will provide the location for the training at CMHC Building 4. This training, in part, deals with issues around depression, suicide, and suicide prevention. We will submit for reimbursement from our grant. Coalition members will be assisting with this event as needed.

Other reports/information/events:

It was suggested that the local hospital be contacted again about their lack of involvement in the coalition. They have been included in all contacts and distributions of meetings and events, but have not participated.

The coalition would also like to solicit involvement from Middle Georgia College and the Oconee Fall Line Technical College as well.

Volunteer Project Manager:

Barbara Flanders was contacted about volunteering as the project manager for the Coalition, but has declined. Brenda Yawn will contact another person who may be interested in assisting in this area on a volunteer basis.


Various resource materials were made available during the community awareness event today. Lunch was also provided for all that were in attendance. Thanks to Dean Selph and his team of hospitality workers for a great job on lunch plans for this event!

Denise will coordinate a Strategic Planning Meeting for December. Member will be notified. Anyone interested in participating and sharing ideas and comments is welcome to attend.

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System (website)

Oasis (google this) Georgia Public Health death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line 1-800-715-4225 http://www.mygcal.com

Suicide Prevention Life Line 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

A heartfelt “Thank You” is extended to all who made the Community Awareness Event on October 25 a success. Your service to the coalition is greatly appreciated!!

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. at the Community Mental Health Center, Building 5, 2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin, GA.

RSVP to: etapley@csbmg.com

Note: December’s meeting will be a Strategic Planning Meeting for those who can attend – options for scheduling a meeting date will be sent out.