Minutes – October 30, 2012

Suicide Prevention Coalition – Dublin-LaurensCounty

October 30, 2012



Denise Forbes, MS LPC (Executive Director, CSB of Middle Georgia)

Tina Clements (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Marnie Braswell (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Amy Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Lisa Montford (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Summer Faulk (LaurensCounty Board of Education)

Destiny Allen, (Director -Site Services, Communities In Schools – Laurens County, Inc.)

Margaret Turner (Director, Heart of Georgia Healthy Start Coalition)

Marquita Timmons (LaurensCounty Board of Education)

Marlena Dixon (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Ellise Tapley (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Marsha Williams (CSB of Middle Georgia)

Faye Mullis  (Bleckley County/Volunteer)

Nancy Kauffman (Dept. Juvenile Justice, State of Georgia)

The Suicide Prevention Coalition Dublin/Laurens County met today with 14 present.  Denise Forbes opened the meeting with words of welcome and introductions.   The minutes of the August 28, 2012, September 25, 2012, and the Youth Advisory Council Meeting of October 12, 2012 were all approved.

Sub-Committee Reports


Tina reported that Kris Taylor and her family have relocated and Kris will no longer serve as our chairperson for Survivors of Suicide Subcommittee or lead the SOS Support Group.  Scott Warren’s time is limited due to his work schedule.  For these reasons, Tina and Brenda Yawn will facility the SOS group meeting until a survivor can be appointed to facilitate.  Clara Boyer is scheduled to attend SOS Training in Sandy Springs, Georgia, on February 1-2, 2013.  Hopefully, Clara will facilitate the SOS group after she has attended the training.  Sherri McGuinness will provide the funds for Clara through a scholarship Sherri has available and there will be no cost to the local coalition.

Meeting Date:

4th Tuesday of Every Month 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Second Floor Conference Room

V.A.Hospital  – Dublin, Georgia

Care Packets:

When Gloria Bowen returns to work from medical leave, we will try to get back on track with development of the Care Packets and gathering the brochures from Sheri McGuinness.  We will have our local information in the care packets for distribution to families, funeral home directors, etc.

Quilt Project:

Gloria Bowen has collected about half of the addresses from those individuals who provided the family 32 names for the Memory Launch in October 2011.   The project has recently been promoted in a local news article.  We will continue our work toward the accomplishment of this project.


Website: www.stopsuicidelaurens.org.    Email:  mail@stopsuicidelaurens.org.

Denise mentioned another possible outreach/awareness event would be to address local Human Resource Directors in our business community.  We can follow-up with the Chamber about this possibility.



Youth Advisory Council:  Two newly appointed Youth Advisory Council Members have been named for 2012-2013:  Tia Harris from East Laurens High School and Cody Marrapode from WestLaurensHigh School.

Marquita Timmons reported on the YAC Planning Meeting held yesterday (10/29/12) at the Laurens County Library.  YAC members from WLHS and ELHS as well as members of the ELHS Beta Club were present to discuss plans for the Christmas Events (Dublin Exchange Club Christmas Parade and OFLTC Festival of Trees).

The ELHS Beta Club will use the Christmas float as a project for this year.   Catherine Bowden (WLHS) has secured someone to design and prepare the “theme banner” for the float (the theme is “The Gift of Life”).  Cody has volunteered to secure a truck to pull the float.  The students have set two dates to work on the float and wanted to do this at the CSB.  We have two locations, but there is no covered shelter (in the event of inclement weather).  Today, it was mentioned that Cody might also want to talk with his father about a location at the auto dealership that might be more accommodating for this need.

WLHS will take the lead on 5 designs for the Christmas ornaments and will coordinate this through the WLHS art teacher.   DHS is responsible for the Christmas tree skirt and the bow/ribbons for the tree.   ELHS is responsible for the Christmas presents for the float and for the Christmas tree.  Ellise will collect boxes for the next two weeks and notify Summer Faulk when they are ready for pick up.  The students will begin wrapping these in preparation for the events.  Ellise has secured the registration with OFLTC and the fee has been paid.  The date for decorating the trees at the TechnicalCollege is set for Tuesday, November 20, 2012 (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.).  Since the students will be on Thanksgiving break, they have asked that coalition members decorate the tree.  The date to “undress” the tree is Thursday, December 20, 2012 (8 a.m. – 7 p.m.).   The ornaments will be for sale following the Festival and this will be advertised during the festival.  All proceeds will benefit future Youth Advisory Council awareness projects.

The next planning meeting was scheduled for November 15, 2012 at 3:45 at the Laurens County Library.

Denise reminded the school counselors to take photos of the students as they work on these projects.  The photos can be posted on the website.

Garrett-Lee Smith Grant (Federal Grant through DBHDD –3 year grant).  Lisa Montford continues to communicate with Adam Lesser.   Both Sally vander Straeten and Adam were able to meet with Lisa Montford and others on Wednesday, October 17, 2012.

Lisa reported that a request was made to include the Treutlen County School System. This was approved and additional funds have been added to the grant. TreutlenCounty has reached out to the CSB for services.  Our grant will now cover Laurens, Dodge, and TreutlenCounty schools.  All school personnel must be trained in QPR and Sources of Strength implemented within the schools.    The grant funds have not yet been issued, but Adam is currently in the process of finalizing this.   Marnie Braswell will be meeting with the CSB Teams tomorrow.  She then wants to schedule a meeting with the school social workers and counselors in the near future to address the training of the school personnel and to establish the Youth Leadership Teams in the schools.  She noted that the YAC projects will also count towards the grant.  Our coalition feels that we have made much progress through the partnerships with our schools and with the work of the YAC.  Sally vander Straeten has also praised our coalition for its work with the YAC.  We are the only coalition in the state that has Youth Advisory Council in place and actively participating.

QPR Training

We have no dates yet from Kelly Canady for the QPR training sessions he will conduct at DublinHigh School (six sessions total).

State-Wide Coalition Conference – Planning

Denise reviewed some highlights of the state –wide coalition meeting – “Joining Hands Across Georgia” that was held on Friday, September 21, 2012 at the First Baptist Family Life Center in Dublin, GA.

This was a one-day networking event for Coalitions across the State of Georgia (approximately 61 were in attendance).  Copies of the agenda were distributed for coalition members today.  The agenda also includes contact information for coalitions across the State.   Denise thanked the planning committee, the hospitality committee, and the participants in the conference for their efforts.   The coalitions were able to share resources, engage in open discussion, and hear from Sheri McGuinness and Sally vander Straeten during the conference.

Ellise reported that 400 Bulletin inserts were prepared and provided to the First Baptist Church of Dublin, GA to thank them for the use of the Family Life Center.  The insert also provided brief information and contact numbers for Survivors of Suicide services that are available.

Other  reports/information/events:

Marquita Timmons, Marnie Braswell, and Daphne Fordham conducted presentations during a recent conference for School Counselors on Thursday, September 27, 2012 (this  included 17 school districts – Bibb, Bleckley, Crawford, Dodge, Dooley, Houston, Jones, Macon, Monroe, Peach, Pulaski, Telfair, Twiggs, Wilcox, and Wilkinson Counties) to address suicide prevention in the school setting and to introduce the concept of Sources of Strength.  Marquita also presented on QPR training.  Kelly will need to send Ellise the sign-in sheets for this.

Denise informed the Coalition that we have been awarded an Oconee EMC Round-Up Grants in the amount of $4150.00. Alexis Hughes from Oconee EMC presented the check during the CSB Board Meeting on October 25, 2012.  The grant funds target preventing suicide messages through local advertisement (bill boards).  The design and development of the billboard ad will be a Youth Advisory Council project/contest, and will be announced after the first of the year (2013).

The SPC table cover has been received and was on display today.

Destiny Allen reported that CIS will not be awarded a grant for the youth conference this year.  However, Jackie Curtis, Director at CIS plans to carry out the youth conference again next year (tentative -April 2013) and wanted suggestions about funding.  Denise suggested that CIS consider the option of applying for the next awards from the Oconee EMC Round-Up Grants  (offered four times each year).  Tina Clements volunteered to provide Destiny with information about the grant application and the application process.  Destiny asked if the coalition/CSB would partner with them to carry out the conference, and Denise stated that we would be interested in doing so.

Destiny Allen reported on Teen Maze (May 2013), a project being carried out by Family Connections (they will provide the funding).  Currently they are soliciting our help and others in the community.  They are currently seeking a large in-door location and will need manpower to operate and carry out the event.  The event will target the 8th grade population.  Behavior Health will be one of the stations in the maze.  Destiny and Marquita will keep us posted about the next planning meeting when scheduled.

Cami Stokes suggested that our coalition members donate boxes of hot chocolate for the Christmas Parade project. Several boxes were collected today and we will continue to collect through November.  The youth will hand the packets out during the Dublin Exchange Club Christmas Parade with SPC & SOS information attached to each packet.    Ellise will work on a draft for the information to be included on “sticky label” for the hot chocolate packets.

Tina Clements registered for training, Working with Those Bereaved by Suicide of Mental Health Professionals, scheduled for December 3, 2012 in Albany, GA.

Special Note:  According to new research, suicide has surpassed car accidents as the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the United States. (Fox News)

Georgia National Violent Death Reporting System  (website)

Oasis (Google) Georgia Public Health    death / mortality rates /morbidity.

Georgia Crisis and Access Line    1-800-715-4225  www.mygcal.com

Suicide Prevention Life Line        1-800-273-TALK (8255)

The next Coalition Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. at the CommunityMentalHealthCenter, Building 5 – 2121 Bellevue Road, Dublin, GA.


Reminder: Please RSVP for Lunch / Donations will be accepted.