Gun Safety Plan


1. Find and use your Safety or Crisis Care Plan
2. Gun Locks are available in VA Police Dept.
3. Remove guns from home have family or friend take guns for safe keeping.
4.Lock all guns in cabinet, give key to family or friend.
5. Separate guns and ammunition
6. Dismantle  guns, barrel and receiver in separate locations, remove bolt, remove cylinder, remove firing pin. Store dismantled gun dispersed around house.
7. Do not drink Alcohol- remember, guns and alcohol are Lethal combinations.
8. Buddy System- get with a good friend or close family member, agree on a gun safety plan.


Name  __________________   Date  ___________

Step 1. Recognize warning signs- Thoughts of using gun to harm self or others
Step 2.   Use your self  help skills- Repeat what you have done in the past , to stop this  thinking.
Step 3. Get  active– Separate yourself from gun, go outside, engage in something you like doing.
Step 4. Activate buddy system-  list names and phone numbers of buddies or family you can call.
Name____________        Phone Number_________________
Name_____________       Phone Number_________________
Name______________     Phone Number__________________
Step 5. Call your doctor or Counselor-
Name________________ Phone___________________________

Name ________________ Phone__________________________

Step 6. Call the National Hotline,1-800-273-8255, press 1 for military/veterans.

Step 7. Call 911, or drive or be driven to the nearest hospital.

On your next visit to the VA Hospital, or VA Clinic get your Nurse, Social Worker, or Doctor to help you write, and or review your Gun Safety Plan.